Are you facing a commercial rent review or lease renewal? 

We help commercial tenants like you to reduce your rent.

Potentially save £0000s by letting us negotiate a better rent with your landlord during a commercial rent review or lease renewal.

For over 50 years, we’ve been helping businesses throughout London, the Home Counties and the provinces, pay the lowest rents possible, through our specialist cost-effective advice and representation.

In certain instances where the market dictates a nil increase, we can propose creative amicable solutions that are to the advantage financially of both Tenant and Landlord.

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Since 1966 we’ve saved many millions of pounds for our tenants.


Who can we help?

We can help any commercial tenant occupying offices, shops, industrial/warehouse premises, whether the rent is £15,000 or £1,000,000 per annum.

Real Life Results

We helped a tenant of industrial premises save £51,100 per annum on their lease agreement. We negotiated £263,900 per annum instead of £315,000 per annum.

Saving this tenant £255,500 over the next 5 years. 

Another example is for a retail tenant where we saved £19,250 per annum on their rental increase.

We negotiated down to £32,750 instead of £52,000 per annum.

Saving this tenant almost £100,000 over the next five years.

Services we offer:

Rent Reviews

If you have received a Landlord proposal to increase your rent, you have the opportunity to oppose the proposed increase. Especially if the increase is excessive or there is justification or evidence to support a lower rent. This is where we can come in and negotiate a favourable review on your behalf.

Lease Renewals

When your commercial lease expires, we can help you with the lease renewal process. With a thorough knowledge of the 1954 Landlord and Tenant Act and in-depth market knowledge, we can factor in any potentially complicated aspects of lease renewal on your behalf to get you the best possible lease renewal.

Rent Negotiation

We can review your existing commercial lease and clauses and seek comparable evidence to present to your landlord, with the aim of securing you the best possible commercial rental agreement when it’s due for review. Taking the stress and complexity out of the rent negotiation process.


Dispute Resolution

We can help you navigate a tricky commercial lease dispute. When rent negotiations fail, we can represent you and put together a written case at Arbitration.

Why work with us?


As rent review specialists, we provide cost-effective specialist property advice and representation.

With our expert knowledge of the 1954 Landlord & Tenant Act, we can save money on your rent review or lease renewal.

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How can we help?


London’s Leading Rent Review and Lease Renewal Specialists who for over fifty years have acted for both Landlords and Tenants ensuring the very best commercial property results.