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Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, we can help you gain or save £0000s by ensuring you do not undercharge as a landlord or pay too much as a tenant.

During a commercial rent review or lease renewal, we use our expert market insight, extensive database of evidence in your area, and knowledge of the 1954 Landlord and Tenant Act to negotiate the best rent possible.

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Superb experience working with this firm – expert advice, professional in their approach and delivered material results

Melanie Goodman

We used Richard Lionel & Partners to act for us in dealing with a commercial rent review. Excellent service and excellent result achieved.

Harris Davis

Our company hired Richard Lionel & Partners to act for us. The end result was a very favourable settlement from our point of view. Fees charged were realistic and it was money well spent.

Peter Hartis

Our company had a rent review where the Landlord tried to increase the rent from £47,000 p.a. to £72,000 p.a. We hired Richard Lionel & Partners to act for us and the end result was a rent of £52,000 p.a. – almost no increase. Superb result.

Jack Blair

From a demand of £45,000 p.a. Richard Lionel & Partners acted for us and after months of negotiation reached a settlement without the cost of Arbitration. The new rent was £31,000 p.a. so the rent saved over the next five years was some £70,000. We were more than happy with the work carried out by their Richard Daniels.”

Warren Taylor

Request a free, no-obligation chat to find out how we can help with our cost-effective services.

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We have over 50 years of experience as London’s premier rent review specialists, servicing clients in the central and greater London areas and surrounding home counties.

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When you choose Richard Lionel and Partners, you know you have the best representation and expertise possible, to deliver the most optimal rent review or renewal.

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